Performed by Trio Shulamit


Performed by Lidor Messika and Naomi Hassoun


Performed by Air and String Duo


Performed by Reut Ventorero. Video by Sarit Youdelevich

“Yellow Fingers”

Hebrew version

“Yellow Fingers” performed with Meitar Ensemble

English version

“There is a moment that the light”

Performed by Revital Raviv and Talia Amar


Performed by Meitar Ensemble and conducted by Pierre-André Valade

New version of Reverberations performed by Meitar Ensemble, Ensemble Itineraire, and conducted by Pierre-André Valade


Performed by Yarn/Wire


Performed by Keith Kirchoff

Deus Ex Machina”

Performed by Departure Duo


Performed by Daphna Itzhaky


Performed by Collage New Music


Soprano- Lydia Dahling, Violin- Wooho Park, Viola- Lehan Wang


Performed by Talia Amar


Performed by Meitar Ensemble


Soprano- Lydia Dahling, Percussion- Jessica Tsang


Bassoon- Nadia Raz, Marimba- Omri Blau

“Monologue for two Pianos”

Piano- Talia Amar, Daniel Strahilevitz

“When a Dream becomes Reality…”

Performed by Meitar Ensemble, conducted by Yuval Zorn


Music- Talia Amar, Chreography- Daphna Horenczyk

Performed by Meitar Ensemble, Dancers- Alon Bracha, Ma’ayan Horesh


Piano- Talia Amar