This piece for oboe solo was composed for the America-Israel Cultural Foundation competition for young performers in 2014. I chose to use a painting as the subject of my piece because it is often easier to connect with the visual than it is with the musical.

I wanted the children who perform this piece to be able to have the image of a painting in mind while playing my piece, allowing the music to come more naturally to them. I chose Van Gogh's famous ‘Starry Night' as the subject because this masterpiece is easy to connect with and children and likely to already know it.

The piece is divided into sections. The sections correspond to brush strokes, which gradually get bigger and bigger, eventually painting the entire picture. In particular, this movement is articulated by the trills and tremolos.

Although the piece is for children, the performer should feel as if they are standing outside of the village in the painting, looking at the night's sky, and, in a moment of inspiration, playing a melody.